National Association of Healthcare Quality

The National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ) is the only organization dedicated to healthcare quality professionals, defining the standard of excellence for the profession, and equipping professionals and organizations across the continuum of healthcare to meet these standards.

The Problem

NAHQ has undergone significant growth and transformation, moving from an AMC to a fully independent operation, including staffing, offices, infrastructure, applications and systems, support, etc. NAHQ’s Leadership recognized the organization needed to further differentiate itself in a cluttered market. They needed to shift to more solution-oriented and personalized products and services to serve its members and constituents.

The Solution

NAHQ partnered with Nucleus and a Web data analysis team to design and validate a workforce survey instrument via Qualtrics. The featured Salesforce CRM, Qualtrics Survey, Nucleus Data Analytics Platform, and the NAHQ Website were all integrated into one seamless solution. This allowed individual healthcare quality professionals to self-assess against initial competency statements via a survey and empowered participants to review their results against the results of others.

Pathway to success

NAHQ needed a way to further differentiate itself in a cluttered market and switch to a more solutions-oriented and personalized approach for the products and services it was providing its members.

While researching their next course of action, NAHQ studied the relevant behaviors and competencies (even experts have gaps) and identified opportunities for improvement across all areas of competency. This gave NAHQ the chance to up-sell and cross-sell educational products and services to its members. It could now see which behaviors and competencies were related, making it easy to identify exactly whR would assist the professional development of its members, and which products and services would sell well together.

NAHQ conducted research on market opportunities and the technology to support its vision and found surveys to be a particularly useful tool.

With the surveys, NAHQ could quantify and evaluate the professional competency of its members to discover educational offerings that could assist those members, but the individual members could also see their own scores and discover where they might have an weaknesses. Using the survey data, NAHQ provided members incentive to participate by offering personalized results to measure against their expected proficiency outcome.

Life with Nucleus

NAHQ decided to select the Nucleus Data Analytics Platform for data analysis and visualizations (both for the organization and individual participants) to aggregate the data from their survey tools and generate stunning, easy to understand visuals that delight the eye and provide excellent insights.

The Nucleus team put together visualizations for NAHQ’s analysis and planning as well as for its members to better understand their personalized survey results and analytics to continue to improve their professional competency. Nucleus also provided extended analytics, including comparisons to a multitude of benchmarks in many different categories if the participant purchased a subscription.