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the origin of nucleus

The first data analytics platform built specifically for associations and nonprofits

A few years ago, our clients started expressing a new and urgent request: “Help us with our data!”

What initially began as one-off ad hoc reporting projects quickly evolved. This new growth fueled an interest among our team, and we began market research. The results overwhelmingly supported our suspicions: associations seriously lack the tools and skillsets to access, report, and analyze their data.

And so Nucleus was born, initially through the long hours and fierce determination of Tim Ward and Andrew Huling. It has since become the honored recipient of private investment and is supported by an entire team of product engineers, user experience designers, client success, sales, and product marketers.

Nucleus exists to bring actionable data to associations and nonprofits at every level, in every department, for every important decision.


Brilliant, transparent, client-focused

Tim Ward


Tim is a genuine nonprofit software visionary, having architected the groundbreaking NetForum AMS system and then founded Gravitate to work with database systems of all kinds. He has repeatedly demonstrated a rare ability to look at a technological landscape and recognize the best path and has again delivered for his clients with Nucleus. With over 30 years of experience, he offers unparalleled insight into translating business needs into technology solutions that optimize business processes. Tim graduated from the University of Virginia with an electrical engineering degree.

Andrew Huling


Andrew combines nearly two decades experience creating and shipping reliable, scalable software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products with a deep knowledge of emerging technologies to lead the team which builds, implements, and maintains the Nucleus data analytics platform. His passion for products, which are both powerful and intuitive is reflected in Nucleus’ mission to deliver critical business insights in a simple, easily understood fashion. Andrew graduated from Harvard University with his AB and SM Degrees, both in Computer Science.

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