Visualize data from your siloed systems




We continually build new integrations

Pull data from these systems directly into Nucleus for a powerful, 360-degree view of your organization’s most important metrics. Need something specific? It’s probably on our roadmap, and if so, we’ll prioritize it.

Pinpoint how your users engage with you

Understand their interests and meet them there

By blending data from different systems, you’ll be equipped to make better decisions.

Community + AMS

Visualize how your members are engaging in the community: who are the biggest contributors, which topics are most popular, and which demographics remain least active. Uncover insights about how this data correlates to member retention and renewal, and create targeted campaigns to reach your  goals.

Website + AMS

Optimize your best content offerings and create personalized campaigns by uniting your website and AMS data. Understand how individual members are engaging your web properties and target their specific interests with confidence.

Email + AMS

Track how your email marketing campaigns are performing when combined with data from your AMS. New insights will enable you to filter campaign performance to identify trends by generation, membership type, and dozens of other key metrics.


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