Using Data to Track Community Engagement

It’s no secret that life would be easier with a holistic view of customer and member engagement.

Your biggest roadblock is that engagement data lives in different systems, both in and outside of your Higher Logic community. Accessing and compiling it – through manual exports and reports – is a total pain. Maybe the process is so unreliable or lengthy that you gave up entirely.

Take heart, community managers and marketers…

Proving the Value of Membership

You’re required to justify spend and prove ROI, whether it’s for a new software or campaigns to reach your target audience. But only with a full picture of community engagement can you begin to prove the value of membership. For example, do members interact more with the community? Do those who are active have a higher renewal rate than those who are not? Is there a correlation between members who are engaged in the community platform and higher email open rates? This is crucial information for proving the value of your efforts, and it’s only available through combining data from different technologies with your community platform.

A Full Picture of Community Engagement

Your best insight into engagement is gained by visualizing data from all of your essential technologies. From the conference registrations to transactional data to retention rates and – perhaps most importantly – the actual contributions in your community platform.

Nucleus takes the integration work out of the equation because it comes with out-of-the-box integrations to your essential technologies. It’s the only data analytics platform that blends data and creates interactive data visualizations across multiple association, corporate and non-profit data sources. It lives in the center of your technologies and comes with prebuilt connectors (that actually work!) to all of your essential technology platforms.

Community Insight with Nucleus

This sounds great on paper, but what does it mean for practical application? Here are some examples of ways Nucleus can work behind the scenes to deliver holistic, actionable views from your various data sources.

Demonstrate the value of your community by:

  • Understanding which communities are contributing and responding to threads.Community_Discussion_Thread.png
  • Understanding how millennial members engage with discussions in your community.Millenial_Activity.png
  • Understanding which type of members are engaging with your libraries, whether downloading, viewing, uploading a new file, commenting, or favoriting your resources.Library_Activity.png
  • Understanding your KPIs at a glance by viewing a dashboard carousel.

Here are some additional examples of community data that are available with Nucleus:

  • Replies per post
  • Percentage of active users
  • Active users per month measure time and tenure
  • Top searches in the library
  • Discussion activity by month – new topics and replies
  • Searches by month – member type and tenure

You can apply many other filters to those data points and get the exact information you’re seeking, from donor level and subscriber level to dozens of others.

Using Data to Inform Your Community

By combining all of the external data points, you’ll have brand new access to data. What’s does this mean for you? It means that you can set and track goals like never before. Not just huge macro goals like “increase revenue” or “increase membership,” but meaningful goals that will help drive your organization forward.

Blend your data sources – CRM/AMS and community platform, for example – and understand what demographic matters most, how they’re engaged and contributing, how long they’ve been a member, and what sorts of topics they’re most professionally interested in. THEN set goals around improving this engagement, increasing contribution from this target audience, and define how that will support your macro goals. And with Nucleus’ latest goals feature release, you can track your successes directly in the platform.

Now that you’re equipped with the holistic customer and member view, image the possibilities of personalization and success you can achieve by understanding the total value of membership. There’s never been a better way to inform decisions in your organization with real-time data.

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