Announcing a Nucleus Data Connector for Microsoft Power BI

Great news – it just got even easier to connect Power BI to Nucleus!

Gravitate Solutions today released a Nucleus data connector for Microsoft Power BI, enabling seamless integration with Power BI into the Nucleus data analytics product, making it simple for clients to quickly and easily access data on-demand.

Tim Ward, Co-founder and CEO of Gravitate Solutions, said, “The open and modern architecture of the Nucleus analytics platform fits seamlessly with the extensibility features of Power BI. The Nucleus connector for Power BI augments the Nucleus visualization suite by providing fast, simple access for business analysts to query and visualize data stored in the Nucleus data lake. The Nucleus data pipeline automatically handles data preparation, cleansing and blending, which is an enormous accelerator for users who have previously had to do this work manually from within Power BI.”

Nucleus enables business users to leverage data from any source to make better business decisions. While the Nucleus visualization suite is designed for the whole team to use, we understand the benefit of a developer tool like Power BI in addressing specific use cases for a small but important community of technical users. Providing a Power BI connector is one way we are executing our strategic goal of providing Nucleus connectivity to commonly used software tools.

This new data connector is available to all Nucleus clients. Clients can request a copy of the Nucleus Power BI connector software and documentation from their Client Success Manager.

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